Monday, 26 September 2011

Another change!

Hi Lovelies + Ian

I think you know by now that sadly I will not be able to be with you to share your success this week. But I'll be there in spirit and following your progress by whatever means possible.

My left arm has been strapped on to a support box for nearly seven weeks now after surgery on my shoulder. The box was supposed to come off after four weeks, then it was six weeks. This past weekend I was finally given the go ahead to take it off for short periods. I went to see the physio today and it was impressed on me that I must have my arm strapped on to the support box for another two weeks when out and about , in case my arm gets bumped. I must also be careful not to put it under any pressure or stress. It's actually quite difficult to move my arm at all without considerable pain. Under the circumstances, I'd be a liability on the boat.

But you are the important ones and there to provide support in my place you will have Ian Muir who I've known for more than 30 years. He and I once competed in a race in Belgium to see who could swim the furthest in 24 hours in a 50 metre pool. I was fourth with 42miles. He was third with I don't know how many miles. He's as obsessive about pushing to the limit as I am.

Good luck with the swim. Break the speed record if you can. Keep swimming if you can't. You will still set the record as the first ladies team to go round. Unlike the Channel where the tides and timings are well known, this is an adventure. You will be setting targets and showing what can be done for others to follow and try to emulate.

Good luck. I wish I was with you.


An email received tonight from The King of the Channel (Kevin Murphy) who was due to join us on our epic adventure. Sadly he will not be joining us as detailed above.
We wish Kevin well with his recovery and thank him for his support with our training and also his assistance with helping make this mammoth task achievable. It's great to have his support. Thank you Kevin.

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