Wednesday, 28 September 2011


At long last, after months and months of preparation we are finally here! We've had our safety briefing from the lovely Henry, our pilot and we will be leaving the safety net of the harbour in about 10 minutes.   We've only upset our pilot once so far - when Rachel piped up "I thought you was going to be about 60" (he's the grand old age of 41)!

We've spent a wonderful afteroon sitting on the back of the boat drinking tea and even discussed the possibility of not actually doing the swim but, instead, spend the night on the boat, drinking Pims and making up the blog without even leaving the Harbour!!!!

Thank you to all at home, family and friends, for your continued support.  Even the people on the boat moored next to us came to give us a bottle of champagne for when we finish!  How cool!!!

With Love - Swimmer No 6 (Paula) xxxxx


  1. ohhh to mum dont forget what captain Webb said 'nothing great is easy' xx