Wednesday, 21 September 2011

This time next week...

Well, what can I say......

This time next week we'll be on the boat round to Ryde and preparing ourselves to break/ create some records!  We will be the first all ladies team to successfully complete the swim and of course, there's a time related record that can be chased too.......

I can confirm, as of today, that we are setting off at 2120 from Ryde Pier on Wednesday 28th September. Henry has said that this will be a better time to start and if when we get there the conditions aren't great then we can push the start time back to 1am which was the original start time. 

The weather is looking like it's going in our favour too with an almost tropical 20 degrees air temperature predicted - mind you it won't be 20 degrees at midnight or anywhere around there!! 

We've also had some good news on the sponsorship front and Kathy in her determination has managed to secure some water bottles from David Lloyd - you've never known 6 women be so excited over some water bottles!!!

Our swim order has finally been decided too,  a thankless task by Kevin and not made any easier by the eleventh hour changes to the team.  Here goes, we are:

Swimmer 1 - Liane
               2 - Lucy
               3 - Becky
               4 - Rachael
               5 - Kathy
               6 - Paula

Paula is under the impression that as swimmer 6 we'll all be awake and cheering her on as she gets into the water at 0220hrs - we hate to disappoint her but..........

OF COURSE WE WILL...........!!!  

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