Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A pot noodle reward

I've had my 1st swim 0020-0120.....The 1st half an hour was fab whilst I was imagining A) that I was a dolphine swimming next tothe rib B) that I was racing the rib and c) that I was Rebecca Addlington doing the 800m.............Weird? Yes, but whatever gets me through the hour!! I was also massively thanking the person that told me to eat, eat, eat over the last few days!!
At one point I was sure the rib was just navigating me round in circles, never one to interfere I trusted their judgement and boy am I glad I did, as with a following tide I did 5.2 miles.
Thanks loads to our observer Ian who treated the cramp I managed to get in both legs
I had a celebratory Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle, wrapped myself up in a sleeping bag and had a kip on the sofa!!
The time is 0536, Becky's in the water and my next swim starts at 0620! I'm off to get ready and hoping that at some point during our swim it'll get light.It's blooming dark as there's no moon tonight.....I feel a bit conned as I thought there was a moon every night!!! xxx

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  1. Nothing can stop you now. Let us know when you get to St Kathy's Point. Kevin