Wednesday, 28 September 2011


It's now 4.34am.  The conditions are fabulous and the team are happy.  My swim went off at 2.20am. 

After a briefing from the pilot half an hour before I got in it looked like I was going to get to swim through the Needles.  Then, standing in my costume ready to get in I was told that due to our current position I just may not make it to the Needles.  Unfortunately, I finished my hour almost within touching distance but had I not known better I'd have thought Kathy paid them to tell me I just might make it through coz I swam like a bat out of hell to try and get there!!!!  Probably the best I've swum in years.  So although I didn't make it through I'm a very happy girl.  

It's pitch black out there and when you are swimming you cannot distinguish the water from the sky.  There are a gazillion stars in the sky and it's just amazing.  Loving it, loving it, loving it.

Going to get some sleep now and I'm hoping that I'm not going going to re-visit the satay noodles that I've just eaten!!!

Love No 6 - Paula xxxxx

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