Thursday, 29 September 2011

Choppier waters

No 4 here again. I've now had my 2nd swim, although it was much choppier than my 1st swim the sun was coming up which gave me just the boost I needed. As well as that I swam between 0620 and 0720 which would have been the time that my lovely son Oliver would have been getting up for school, so all I could think about was him padding him my room and saying " Morning Mummy, I love you too much", now that was a real boost.
Henry, our wonderful pilot has been updating us on our progress and I think it's fair to say we're a strong bunch of ladies who have amazing team spirit.
Just a quick love you to my Mum who's told me that she's been up most of the night keeping an eye on where we are, it's lovely thinking people are thinking of us.
To anyones who's thinking of doing some extreme swimmimg I recommend Cheese and Ham tiger rolls as fuel!
3rd swim is at mid-day, in the sunshine which mean one or two extra freckles for me!!!!

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