Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Team & other stuff!!

I have mentioned names on here & I am now pleased to introduce the team to you & to remind you, we are 'The Lovelies'!!

Back L-R: Rachael, Paula, Kathy
Front L-R: Anthea, Jane, Becky, Lucy 

The Course

Traditionally the swim has always started from Ryde Pier, but this would appear to have happened because Kevin had the first successful swim and everyone else followed suit. Henry asked if we were open to starting anywhere else and we said yes, we just wanted the fastest route. With the help of Henry’s friend at the Coastguard he is to use the Man Over Board simulator which can predict a course using the tides and various starting positions. There are a couple of possibilities, stick with the Ryde option, start at the Needles Lighthouse and aim for St Catherine’s Point, turning for Bembridge and continuing back to the Needles. This way may be a little ‘lumpy but we will have six fresh swimmers and the Solent part of the swim will be less ‘Lumpy’ when we are tired and going into our second set of swims. St Catherine’s is also ‘lumpy, so be prepared. Watch this space, the jury is out!!!

We are grateful to Henry who has found us a mother ship, which will follow the swimmer & allow the rest of us to eat & sleep.

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