Thursday, 22 September 2011

Why The Isle of Wight?

First of all let me introduce myself as the Oldest Team member in body but not mind! So how did we come up with this challenge?
I have swum in Channel relays since the age of 15 and managed them in every decade of my life including one two way swim and hundreds of individual swims of the seas and lakes throughout the UK. Leading upto to Christmas I was having coffee with Kevin Murphy (32 solos to his name) and said I really wanted to do another first before I was past it and we came up with three possible swims including the Isle of Wight. Kevin is only one of three people who have swum this as a Solo and relays can be counted on one hand. I run the idea past Paula and we decided to pursue this further.
It seems a lifetime ago that Paula, Kevin, Ian and myself met the Pilot and sat and talked of all the options.
So this time next week if the times go to plan and the weather is good to us Becky will be in the water doing her hour stint. Hand on my heart we have the team that can make this happen it is all dependant on the weather.


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