Sunday, 25 September 2011

Dorney Lake - 3.8k pre IoW swim

Becky and our honorary Lovely completed the RNLI Swim series at Dorney Lake today.  A gentle 3.8k swim in an almost tropical 14.5 degrees! Becky had read on the internet that the water temp was 18 degrees so imagine our shock when we got in the water and people wearing wetsuits were saying it was cold.  One man did say to be that I was brave, my reply was 'I think it's called stupid rather than brave!'
Once the initial shock of the water supposedly being 18 and feeling like ice, the claxon sounded and it was go, go, go....
3 laps of battling with a safety boat crossing the course, weeds a plenty and people battering us, it was all over.

Ian had a cracking swim, finishing in 1hr 2mins.  He was 41st overall and 4th male in his group (176 swimmers started the race and 174 finished)

Becky was 79th overall (26th lady overall) in 1hr 12 mins and 5th lady in her age group.

Thankfully when we got out we discovered the water was in fact only 14.5 degrees - all I can say is phew!!  I was thinking that 18 felt very cold and am pleased to say that I'm glad it was colder.

Now, with just three days to go there's just one more gentle training swim to do on Tuesday, then it really is all systems go.......

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