Friday, 23 September 2011

Swimming Positions

I know I've already mentioned the swimming positions but thought I'd better explain a bit more....

We've got our two super speedy swimmers (Liane and Lucy) setting off, with Liane getting us off to a great start before Lucy gets in to take over.  The 3rd and 4th swimmers (Becky and Rachael) also need to be fast (no pressure) as we head down the Solent.
Swimmers 5 and 6 (Kathy and Paula) will be the ones going through a short period of really rough water, including possible whirlpools off St Catherine's Point.
We'll then need full steam ahead to get from St Catherine's to Bembridge before the tide turns.  If we turn at the right turn at Bembridge we'll be on for a record - even less pressure!!!

If, however, we don't get to Bembridge in time, the tide will turn and we'll effectively go backwards for 6 hours and make no progress whatsoever; the swim will then take at least 24 hours.

We must swim in strict order as declared beforehand otherwise it's game over! Oh My God, this is suddenly really scary....


We are all up for this monumental challenge and, more importantly........

 WE CAN DO IT!!!  


  1. You will do it, I have no doubt of that. Start to believe in yourself you are amazing!! xx

  2. Hi Becky,

    I just wondered if there was a way i could get in touch with you to talk about your swim and to find out the difficulties you faced with the challenge? My work is hoping to complete the same swim for charity and we wanted to find out more from someone who had done it?

    Many thanks,