Thursday, 29 September 2011


Hello.  What a lovely surprise to receive your message.  Thank you very much.

We are doing extremely well and hope to be finished within the next 3 hours. I'm going in for my splash again at 2.20pm. All the ladies have tried very, very hard.  Unfortunately we will not gain the record for the fastest relay around the Isle of Wight but, all being well, we should set the record for being the first all ladies team to every make is around the island.

In answer to your wonderful array of questions:-

The most exciting thing we saw was two seals playing in the water.  I tried to have a closer look by looking through the binoculars.  It wasn't until I said I couldn't see anything that the boat pilot told me I'd forgotten to take the lense caps off!!!  Silly me!!!

As for the Pot Noodle - it was Chow Mein flavour.  Unfortunately, it was not very nice so I threw it over the side for the fish to eat.  Of course I put the container in the bin!!!

We are very close to the shore at the moment and people have been waving at us.  The shore is about the length of your playground away.

There is a video on board but I try to hide when it comes out.  One of our ladies has just been interviewed by Meridian news to hopefully we may be on the TV later.  We've already been on the local radio station.

Thank you so much for following our progress. 

Lots of Love from Callum's mum (Paula) xxxxx

Love you Callum xxxxx

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