Sunday, 25 September 2011

Lynn Regis (Kings Lynn) 4.5K Race

The BLDSA held their annual Lynn Regis race which attracts people from all over the country. The day started with glorious sunshine but as soon as we started swimming the sun decided to hide between the clouds and it was a little overcast. The water was approx 14 degrees but to be honest felt warmer, the wind was against you swimming to the first turning buoy but with you on the return journey, at the start and finish was masses of pond weed which scratched you if you swam through it, front crawl was difficult here as you were dragging most of the lake with you!
Although I didn't see it Liane did a cracking swim (according to the spectators), she finished in 2nd place and was waiting on the jetty for me to finish in 3rd place and 1st Veteran.
Can't wait for Wednesday, it just isn't coming around quick enough.


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  1. Well done both of you - fantastic day for you both x