Thursday, 29 September 2011

Going backwards

No4- Rachael here, I've just got out of my 3rd swim. Having jumped off the back of the boat and started swimming, Henry stopped me and told me that I was going backwards, he told me to go as close to shore as I could get, to avoid the tides so that's exactly what I did. I can honestly I've never kicked or pulled so hard in my life. As I got closer to the pier I could see the Meridian News film crew filming me off the pier, not wanting to dis-appoint them I upped the gear! Then the Henry and the rib went and picked up Lucy so she could be interviewed by Meridian News South, so tune in if your interested! If they show someone swimming in a union jack hat and sparkly swimming costume then thats me!!
Question....How is it that everyone else gets out looking glam and I have a massive mud beard?!
My reward for my swim was a delicious cheese and ham sandwich, a packet of crisps and a coffee and let me tell you it all tasted amazing!!
Kathy's in the water now and we've only got a couple of miles to go but we're still against the tide so it's a blooming tough swim....The last IOW relay that was completed,was in 2002, which was a mixed team. We are going to be the 1st EVER EVER EVER female team to complete this swim!!!
Just want to say a big hello to anyone that's taking time out to read this blog  x x

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