Thursday, 29 September 2011

Lucky Lucy Avoids the Stingers!

After reports from Paula that she got stung 3x, including on her derrier, I was getting slightly more aprehensive about getting back in. Paula says to me "Pull your finger out and get on with it, you're not a soft southern jessie anymore!"  So not wanting to let the hardy Northern spirit down, I plunge in, and what a difference swimming in daylight makes.No longer did I fel that I was swimming round in circles  in the dark, with the sea feeling like a washing machine. I've now just completed my 3rd swim and no stings, must be that special bright red anti-jellyfish costume I wore, worth every penny!

The team are going well and so far with all the pill, patches, potions and anything else anti-sickness the Lovelies can get their hands on, we have all managed to eat and not get ill. What a difference, although I've strickly kept to eating porage and bagels to keep me going, with the odd couple of packets of jaffa cakes thrown in. Some of the others, Who shall remain nameless, have dared to eat stinky pot noodles in front of me!

Whislt I was doing my 3rd swim the remaining lovelies, in my absence, have volunteered me to do a tv interview. That's friends for you............ Of course had i known I would have brought my hairbrush. Kathy says, " have I got my makeup on?" Erh don't actually own any........

Although we are going well, we have slipped behind record pace, but still hope to set a good time for he first ever women's team to complete the challenge. With some great route and tide plotting by our great Pilot Henry of Marine Matters, we have all been thrilled to have such a gret crew supporting us. Thanks to the two Ians, Henry and Alex, who have coped well being stuck on a small boat with 6 mad women!

Just to finish off - hi to my kids: Hamish, Morag and Campbell and hubby Morgan.  Missing you loads!

Bye for now,

Lucy x

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