Saturday, 17 September 2011

Night Swim - Weds 14th Sept

Three of us (Kathy, Paula and Becky) embarked on a night swim on Wednesday at Holborough Lake.  For me, it was the first time I'd swum in the dark in open water and I have to say I was absolutely dreading it!
We arrived at 7.15pm and once we'd fought all the mosquitos off with the luminous green light sticks attached to our bottoms we were ready to go!
In we got and set off to the first buoy and all seemed ok!  Lap one was completed without any problems and no monsters rising from the deep, but then it all went wrong for me on lap 2.....
My imagination started to get the better of me so on the day of the swim I will have to make sure my imagination dial is turned to 'off'
Lap 3 was not so bad until I asked Paula and Kathy if we could swim a fast lap - it was not only dark but chilly too and treading water at every buoy was not keeping me warm!  My suggestion was met with laughter and the fact they were swimming fast - ooops!!
4 1/2 laps later I'd fulfilled my task and that was me done.  Hardcore Kathy and Paula carried on for another couple of laps while I shivered myself warm!

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