Thursday, 29 September 2011

Hi to all

Hi from Kathy, firstly good morning to Steve, Gareth and Dana who have put up with so much this summer with my heavy training schedule,but guys it has nearly paid off and Thank you. I am so proud of the team they have swam so hard through the night into the early hours and Henry our Pilot, Alex his deputy, Ian the observer and Ian the additional helm and observer have been truly amazing.
We have seen seals in our travel Jelly Fish have had a bit of a feast off Paula and myself but it's worth it as we are going to be the First Ladies Team to complete this mammoth task.

I entered the water at 0720 with the sun rising and swimming in what I can only describe as a washing machine, head down I just went for it, one stage the RIB was in a trough and I was looking down onto the deck - scary but enjoyable. Meridian TV have asked for a swimmer to be taken ashore for a TV interview - at last people are taking us seriously.

Bye for now Love, Mum and Kathy xx

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